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Vital for driving traffic and revenue to your website.

We can drive your website to the top of search engine results

Our SEO consultants have years of experience in pushing websites to the top of search results. We have worked with a range of different clients, from big ecommerce websites to SMEs and start-ups. We also pride ourselves on working ethically and we do not risk penalties by engaging in low-value link building to “trick” search engines. We work with you to develop a genuine and deserved search engine presence, helping you to generate increased traffic and revenue through your website.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of driving your website higher in the search engine listings for words and phrases that your audience and/or customers are searching for. SEO refers specifically to the non-paid listings, otherwise known as the free ‘organic’ results. These are not to be confused with the paid PPC (pay per click) or CPC (cost per click) results which are usually at the top or right hand side of the organic results.

Why is SEO important to your website?

Between 80-90% of web traffic starts with a search engine. Around 70% of that figure is channelled through the giant of search, Google.

These stats alone demonstrate how SEO must be a serious consideration for any company wanting to grow their online presence. For most businesses, it has become an essential part of their marketing plans.

The best part of SEO is that it’s targeted. You are not casting a net wide and hoping to catch the occasional right person. Instead, SEO enables you to specifically target words or phrases that your customers are searching for.

SEO is therefore an extremely effective way of placing your business in front of an enormous and yet also very precise market. If you are looking to drive traffic and revenue through your website, quality SEO is vital.

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Our SEO process – targeted and results driven

We work with you to identify opportunities, then we get down to the hard work.

Listen, understand, research, suggest

At the very beginning of the process, it’s essential that we listen to you in order to understand your business goals and the market you operate in. This will inform our own independent research, whereby our SEO consultants will conduct detailed keyphrase research, in order to identify the biggest opportunities. Our focus at this stage is simple – to identify the largest volume of highly relevant traffic.

We work transparently, so once targets have been agreed, we will provide you with a ‘pre-SEO’ ranking analysis as a benchmark for our success.

Technical review & on-site changes

Once keyphrase targets have been agreed, we will move swiftly onto a technical review of your site. This is an absolutely essential stage of the SEO process. Your site may already be a beautifully designed, authoritative and useful resource for web users. However, the chances are that there will be some massive opportunities to improve the way search engines see your site. Our job is to make sure search engines know exactly what your website is about, how the pages relate to each other, and in doing so, greatly improve your chances of ranking for your targeted keyphrases.

Inbound link building

Inbound links (i.e. links from external websites) are still an extremely important factor in generating Page 1 results. Links are effectively votes of popularity. So, if you have lots of links from respectable and authoritative sites, the chances are that you’ll perform well in search results.

But it’s all about getting quality links. We don’t just go and build thousands of spammy links, enjoy the false results for a few months, and then wait for the search engines to catch up. We know that the most effective long-term link building strategy is based on creating high-quality, original content; building a variety of different link types, containing varied anchor text; and making sure that we’re building links on respectable websites that are relevant to your industry.

Use your knowledge and resources

We don’t believe in missing an opportunity.

We encourage you to make use of the resources you already have in place to publish content that might attract links to your site – otherwise known as ‘link bait’. Have you produced something revolutionary? Have you conducted research? Made a video? Anything else news worthy or interesting happening at your business? Get that kind of information on to your news or blog, and use whatever means you have to share and promote that content.

The focus

The most important thing to remember in SEO is that search engines are trying to provide users with the best resources possible for a particular query. They don’t want rubbish cluttering up the top page, otherwise users will find a more reliable way to get their information. So, in order to build a long-term strategy that’s as well protected as possible against search engine algorithm changes, we focus on making your site a first-class resource for your customers.

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