Ecommerce Design & Development


If you are looking to build a slick ecommerce website to revolutionise your business, or simply to sell some products on your blog, we can help.

The best ecommerce web designs create a fantastic impression immediately and are intuitive to use thereafter. If you get these two things right, you can pretty much guarantee a higher conversion rate.

There’s an important distinction to be made between a site that might be beautiful, like a poster, and a site that’s truly usable. The most subtle features — such as remembering a piece of user-entered information or helpful alert text — can cumulatively make a massive difference to customer confidence. This in turn can encourage repeat visits.

Ecommerce web design is about earning the trust of the user and making it easy for them to get what they want. The average web user is impatient, intolerant and selective – if there is a weakness in the user journey, the chances are that you will end up losing a percentage of would-be customers to your competitors.

There are many approaches to ecommerce development, and we can work with you in various ways to help you achieve your goals.

Centrally hosted online shop

The simplest way to sell online is by using a hosted online shop. While these vary hugely in quality and appearance, they all benefit from a tried and tested online transaction system and come with a core set of features like product variants, offer codes and vouchers. Platforms such as Shopify and Volusion allow you to upload products and manage inventory online. Because they are hosted centrally, you don’t have to worry about issues like PCI compliance or SSL certificates. They offer theme editors online that allow you to modify the look and feel of your shop, and we also undertake custom theme development for these platforms. They also tend to offer simple content management tools. Where these are insufficient for your needs, we can integrate with a separate hosted content management system that offers any features that you’re missing.

Content managed website with add-to-cart buttons

If your products are simple and there aren’t too many of them, you might consider simply adding ‘add to cart’ or ‘buy now’ buttons to product pages that exist within your website. These can then link directly to PayPal or another externally hosted payment system on which users can enter their payment details.

Dedicated ecommerce platform

Where the shop is the primary reason for having a website, we often suggest using Magento, a dedicated open-source ecommerce platform. This takes care of much of the ‘heavy lifting’ and can be themed to provide a look and feel that perfectly matches your brand.

Bespoke ecommerce build

For dedicated shopping sites with more complicated requirements, such as shops-within-shops, or other accounting complexities, a bespoke system is often required. Before embarking on projects like this, we sit down with clients and carefully scope out the project. If we then decide that the scope is beyond the capability of off-the-shelf or hosted systems, we suggest a bespoke build.

We’re able to call on many years of experience, and can make use of core modules that sit on our rapid application development platform. A great deal of careful work and planning is required to ensure the application is fully tested and suitably resilient prior to release.

Analytics – monitoring your website’s success

All of our sites are linked up with an analytics package as standard. This means that you can easily monitor what is working on your site. Crucially, you can also identify which areas of your site and marketing activity are not effective. This is powerful information that enables you to evolve your tactics to drive more sales. Ecommerce tracking can be particularly powerful for monitoring the original sources of online sales.

If you are looking for a slick ecommerce website to revolutionise your online business, we’d love to hear from you today.

If you’re not looking for a new website right now, but would like to make more of your existing website, we also offer Social Media Marketing, SEO and PPC management.

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