Jan 28th 2013
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Social TV

The relationship between Twitter use and watching TV flourished in 2012, which was backed up by the recent Nielsen Social Media report for 2012; and this got us thinking about where Social TV is heading.

The TV has always been a main stay in most homes but in the last 18 months we’ve seen the continual rise of smartphones and tablets; with people increasingly using what is known as the second screen in the home.

This trend has led to a Nielsen and Twitter partnership, which will see the introduction of Nielsen Twitter TV Rating; in an attempt to provide social analytics for Social TV audience measurement. It has been earmarked that these analytic facilities will be available by Q3.

The rise of the tablet and second screen

So what will this mean?

Having access to Social TV analytics, will be a very useful resource for brands, allowing them to hone in on audience behaviour within specific time frames for specific programmes. We’ve already seen how “X-Factor” hashtags take over our twitter screens at the weekend, and it’s not just reality TV shows hogging the limelight, we’ve also seen hashtags appear for sporting events. As early as June 2012, more than 33% of Twitter users had actively tweeted about TV-related content.

So, what will brands do?

It could be the case that brands move away from traditional TV adverts and target tablet and smartphone ads; whether it’s within an app or sponsored tweets, which has recently hit the UK. OK, so there might not be wholesale changes, but brands could start to migrate ad spend to social devices, adding another arm to their campaigns.

If the Twitter/Nielsen analytics can drill down so that information is provided on demographics, shows and usage, it could be a subtle way for a brand to offer targeted content and even develop bespoke applications to connect with viewers and enhance the user experience.

We love nothing more than developing applications and campaigns that help enhance the user experience, especially when social is involved, so we for one will be keeping a close eye on any developments in Q3.

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