Oct 29th 2014
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Introducing Impulse


There’s currently a huge trend towards ‘on demand’ services that are delivered to customers via mobile apps and web services. Impulse offers a framework that allows outlets to receive orders and deliver products to their customers in one smooth process. We’ve created three outstanding strands to our product; an intuitive customer facing app, a web-based central administrative hub that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and a slick shop app that allows the outlet’s staff to track, update and manage orders on the fly.

The use cases are endless, and we’re confident that Impulse is suitable for a vast range of products, services and outlets because of the open, plug-and-play nature of our framework. If you have a bespoke payment gateway you need to use, we can integrate it. If you’re already partnered with a delivery service that uses its own software or api, we can bolt it onto our robust and feature-rich platform.

Our first customer to use the Impulse platform was Unilever and the Walls ice cream brand, with Happiness Stations. The Happiness Stations app is currently available in the iOS and Android app stores, and enables users to select, customise and have their ice cream delivered to where they are, all from the comfort of their sun lounger, park bench or lifeguard’s high chair. All that’s required is that you’re in range of an open Happiness Station offering the service.

In its Walls-branded form, the app makes use of GPS location data, integrates with the Google Maps API, and as an optional extra, can fire a geofencing-based notification to a customer’s device using iBeacon technology if they pass into the shop’s delivery radius.

The Wall’s case study is proof that Impulse is a streamlined, versatile and robust platform for purchasing products and having them delivered to your current location. It makes mincemeat of high volumes of orders and provides the most useful information at all stages of the administrative and customer journeys.

We’re really excited about Impulse. We’ve packed great tech into the product and there is proven scalability in the concept. If you, like us, think Impulse will be perfect for your business, find out more at http://impulse.trafficdigital.com/or email impulse@trafficdigital.com.

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