Tetley Brew Map

We created an application and microsite that allows people to log the type of tea they're drinking, along with their location, and displays this information on a map of the UK.

More Information

This application allows the 350,000 Tetley fans on Facebook and 70,000 followers on Twitter to log their tea-drinking consumption in real time, by using the Brew Map hashtag or logging on and registering their cuppa via the Facebook page.

Brew Map will register the type of tea a fan is drinking (from original blends to green and fruit flavoured teas) and highlight the map accordingly, so an accurate picture is built up of tea drinking habits and preferences from around the UK. Each person who tweets or records their cup of tea also has the chance of winning a year’s supply of tea.

An engaging and fun app and microsite, the brew map has been featured on various media outlets and continues to have pride of place on Tetley’s Facebook page.

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