Herb Lester Associates

An elegant online shop and journal offering exceptionally user-friendly content management, optimised for desktop, smartphones and tablets.

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Herb Lester make beautiful and engaging travel guides, revered around the world by design enthusiasts. Their existing site, while clean and serviceable, was hard to maintain and lacked opportunities to showcase original content.

The online shop aspect of the site was working well, so rather than rebuild this, we suggested reskinning and integrating it, creating a gateway between Shopify and a new main site built on WordPress. This means that the client can now easily feature and reference related products when writing new content, all within the user-friendly WordPress interface.

We undertook a visual overhaul of the website, giving both the shop and the journal a new visual lease of life. This includes a streamlined search and a new mechanism allowing users to find guides via a map.

The result is a clear and well organised site full of carefully created products and content. It is built on robust frameworks that have been integrated to work in tandem seamlessly, producing an extremely effective and engaging online commerce platform.

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