Happiness Station

An Impulse-based mobile app and accompanying platform that allows the public to order ice creams directly from their mobile device and have them delivered to them right where they are.

More Information

Working in partnership with the Bakery on this service for Unilever, we created an extremely flexible and configurable online commerce platform for the Walls ice cream brand using Traffic’s new ecommerce framework, Impulse.

Happiness Stations consists of three outstanding strands; an intuitive customer facing app, a web-based central administrative hub that can be accessed from anywhere at any time, and a nifty shop app that allows the outlet’s staff to keep track of, update and manage orders on the fly.

Happiness Stations is currently available in the iOS and Android app stores, and enables users to select, customise and have their ice cream delivered to where they are, all from the comfort of their sun lounger, park bench or lifeguard’s high chair. All that’s required is that you’re in range of an open Happiness Station offering the service.

Through the utilisation of Impulse, Happiness Stations comes packed with cutting edge technologies such as GPRS location data, Google Maps API  integration and geofencing-based device notifications using iBeacon technology.

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