Fairshare Music

Fairshare Music is a music download site with a difference where 50% of the profits are donated to charity. Partnering with 10 of the UK’s leading charities, Fairshare Music does good things with great music and offers a catalogue of over 8.5 million tracks.

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We worked closely with Fairshare’s founders to understand and develop the brand and worked with them to develop the core proposition and visual language, as well as the strap lines “You download, We donate” and “Doing good things with great music”. We then used an agile methodology to work collaboratively and iteratively to develop the core functionality, architecture and user journeys. (An early, working prototype was delivered in 3 weeks!).

A beautiful and simple user interface was designed and implemented. An html5 mp3 player was used for audio playback, making the site entirely flash free. Substantial ecommerce functionality was developed including vouchers, gifting and wishlists. A social media strategy was developed through Facebook and Twitter as well as allowing users to login through Facebook Connect.

The site won the MediaGuardian innovation award, and received nominations for 2 BIMAs in the retail and charity sections, as well as website of the week in the Sun and number 3 in The Guardian’s “Top 5 Web 2.0 Music sites”.

This project brought many technical challenges, including integrating with an external API to store a huge amount of data, individual charity microsites and a dedicated back-end reporting system.  This has been accomplished via a bespoke web build on the  Symfony platform.  On the front end we make use of JQuery and CSS3 to provide a smooth user experience that degrades gracefully in older browsers.

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