Oct 27th 2017
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Amazon Key – unlocking our future relationship with Silicon Valley?

So Amazon has launched Amazon Key.

Here’s how it works: Amazon prime members can pre-order a kit that includes an Amazon security camera called the “Cloud Cam” and a compatible smart lock. Once you install the lock and the camera you’ll be able to access an “in-home” shipping option for your Amazon purchases. When a delivery driver arrives, Amazon will verify the address and time and let them in automatically. Amazon Key owners will be able to watch them from their phones, as the camera records the whole thing. Amazon plan to expand this access to professional service providers such as dog walkers and cleaners.

Sounds great, right? So convenient. No more waiting in for a delivery man or having to go to the post office to pick up that parcel. Silicon Valley is once again making our lives easier.

But wait.

Is this not another example of a tech giant looking to have even more control over our lives? It certainly crosses our minds that with ‘Alexa’ in the living room and ‘Amazon Key’ in the hallway Amazon can potentially watch and listen to everything we do.

If you value privacy, maybe installing a corporate-controlled surveillance machine that can open your front door isn’t for you.

Amazon Key is another play by Amazon to manage your home life and integrate itself into your daily routine. Its success will tell us whether Amazon has earned users’ trust and could lead to a future where technology companies manage every aspect of our lives.

Ultimately you will have to ask yourself whether the benefit of having your packages delivered quickly and securely outweigh any concerns about privacy and security you might have.

So will you be buying an Amazon Key? Let us know in the comments!

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