About Us

Established in 2006, we’re an award-winning agency specialising in digital marketing, communications and production. We can help with every aspect of your digital project, from design and branding to complex technical builds.

Our Approach

The internet is now more powerful than ever, providing experiences and connections that have transformed the world. We have a proliferation of ‘always on’ mobile devices and an explosion of social networks. The pace of technological change is accelerating, and the media landscape is increasingly fragmented. With customers empowered like never before and embarking on ever more complex digital journeys, it can sometimes be hard to keep up.

In a digital world where everything’s connected, we believe that the approach to digital communications has to be joined-up too. Traffic’s approach combines creativity and technology, and blends a diverse range of digital marketing disciplines — from mobile and responsive web design to search and social media campaigns — all under one roof.

We understand that each client and each project we undertake is different and so we have developed a repeatable process that we know works. Our methodology puts the user at the heart of the experience from the start. By working iteratively through a pre-defined set of stages, we create beautiful and usable solutions that work hard and deliver targeted results.

What we believe

We believe that by combining excellent creative ideas with the best technology, we can deliver fantastic user experiences and amazing results for our clients.

The best talent drives our business, and we are lucky enough to have some of the most talented people available across all our core disciplines, from user experience design and strategy, to digital marketing and social media.

Our clients are important and we have a track record of building long-term relationships with them based on collaboration and trust.

Our Process

  • 01
    Strategy: Define and Discover

    Modelling your success and working backwards, planning resources and creating actionable, collaborative plans. Digging deep into your customer interactions to uncover business opportunities and powerful connections.

  • 02
    User Experience Design
    User Experience Design

    Creation, exploration and refinement of compelling dynamic messages, visual concepts and systems. We strip back our concepts as much as possible in order to focus on the things that matter the most.

  • 03
    Technical Development
    Technical Development

    We use open-source software, tools, technologies and systems where possible, and work with rapid application development frameworks to develop scalable, maintainable and robust platforms.

  • 04
    Rapid prototyping
    Rapid Prototyping

    There’s no substitute for actually getting your hands on a realistic product, and we work hard to get prototypes into the hands of our clients and end users as quickly as possible.

  • 05
    Deliver and Optimize
    Deliver and Optimize

    We measure, analyse and optimise continually after launch, responding to user behaviour and making adjustments that have a huge impact on brand and business results.